Thursday, January 14, 2010

Well, its been one of those days.  Not doing much, I got to get up and move.  I'm moving in my mind, thinking of all the things I want to make, I wonder if that counts, sure hope so.  Maybe I've done my mile since I've been thinking about walking a mile, you think.  Well, we crafters know how it is, we sit and think about those new ideas that we are sure to get to notice.  And, we want to design that one thing that will make a big hit in the craft world, but I'm just sitting here.  Got to get moving.  Today is the warmest day we have had in our area, in two weeks.  Its in the low forties.  Hurray.  JUst maybe it will get to 51 like there saying for tomorrow. 

Sweetmeadows has a great giveaway with one of her dolls, oh I would love to win that sucker, wouldn't you.  Just click on the Sweetmeadow doll and it will take you to her blog.  Sign up and your in the running for that doll.  Good Luck.

Well, take care and have a blessed evening.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rocking Chair Planter

I wanted to share with everyone how I made my rocking chair planter. First, of all hubby had to do some repair to the bottom seat. Then I decided what size flower pot would fit in the bottom of my chair. You can’t cut out but so much from the base so that you will have enough edge to set your flower pot down into and that it will hold firmly.

I had to brace my seat because it had slat bottom. So I cut an extra piece of wood to help stabilize the flower pot seat and take care of the weight of the flower pot. I screwed the bottom in and reinforced on the underside of the chair where it sits on the body of the rocker. I just put a few extra screws here and there to help make it sturdier for the flower pot.

I sprayed the flower pot inside and out with acrylic spray so when I painted it the pot would not absorb the paint plus it helped to make it not as aborting of water when the plant is watered and when it rains.

I cut my wood sign this size I wanted, then painted, stenciled Welcome on it and then sanded and stained it. I built my birdhouse and painted it and put some little decorative thins on it. I also stained it so it would hold up in the weather. I attached the birdhouse to the rocker, When attaching to rocker you need to be careful because the weight of the birdhouse can tilt the rocker back so you need to work with it until you get the rocker sitting up straight when the birdhouse is attached.

Now go buy your dirt if you haven’t already and whatever flower you want to display. Fill the pot up with dirt, plant the flowers you purchased.

The finishing touches of your planter are up to you. I put grape vine on mine. I just wrapped it here and there. You could put flower garland around it for the spring and summer, then sunflower in the fall, then greenery and lights for the holidays. You can make another sign also for each season.

Just a thought here, I added some safety precautions to mine so that no one could steal it, My Rocker Planter sits a little ways from the house. So I just drilled some holes in the rockers and put a steel rod down 
in the ground.

Oh yes, I forgot I had a old canning pot and I just put some dirt in there and another flower and turned the pot to the side and sit it in front of my rocker planter. I really thought that added another dimension to the Rocker Chair Planter


Karen from Country Bumkins

Thanks for everyone who entered,  I appreciate your visit and hope that you will keep looking us up in this part of blog land.  Have a great day.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just a Update about Giveaway

Well, its Tuesday, the day before my first ending of my giveaway.  I'm excited to be picking a winner and mail this giveaway away from the Gatehouse.  I thank all who have come and signed up for the giveaway and on my blog. 

Now I have to come up with some good ideas.  Pickled Pepper is so informative, I'm hoping to contribute just a little of what she does.  She is a very talented lady.  I just love some of her remakes.  If you get a chance go on over and check her blog out.

Also Hazelruth from Primitive and Rustic Forum has a great blog, about sewing.  I have learned so much from some of these blogs.  If your looking for knowledge, please check out the blogs.  On Prim & Rustic Forum,  they have a page that shows alot of blogs.
Here is Primitive and Rustic Delpia Forums.

The selling blogs are also starting to take over alot of the websites which is good.  You just need to go to different forums and find them.  Hey that's what we need for someone to start a list of selling blogs.  Okay someone lets get to it.  We need to have this knowlege fast. 

I sure hope everyone has a great and blessed day.  Remember to check back to see who wins my giveaway and remember there will be another one real soon.  Take care.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cabinet We Made for Shop

Display Cabinet

When the shop in Williamsburg, where I rent a space decided to move, I wanted a new look.  I knew I was going to keep the red walls, but I wanted some different props.  So I told hubby we are going to make a cabinet for the shop, so that I will have plenty of shelf space.  He just looked at me and said duh.  You see we do not make furniture.  But I said how hard can it be, plus I wanted real prim.  So I thought anything I messed up we would claim prim.   Then I told him I wanted to make it out of fence boards and he just looked at me again and said duh.  When he asked where are the plans, I said right here pointing to my head.  He just shook his head and said oh me we're in trouble.  I said no.  I want it so high and so wide.  I went up and bought 30  6 foot weather treated fence boards and we started with no plan just my brain. 

We just measured as we went and thought before we cut or drilled. I love my cabinet.

We really had a good time making this cabinet, the problem came that I had to paint it. He wouldn't help me plant the cabinet, then he saw where it was going to take me forever and he then decided he would help, and guess what he did. He got a roller and rolled the back of the cabinet and said okay I'm finished. I had to paint all the shelves and the inside back and side with shelves already put in. It seem like it took me forever, but I finally got it finished.

Here it is all finished and in the shop with all my prim wares looking good.  The only problem the rain came and I never got it stained over the white paint.  And we had to be in the shop by a certain date.  The day we moved iin the shop was raining like cats and dogs, so needless to say the cabinet does look real prim like I plan but I still love it.  I thinking about doing the same thing again and improving on the construction and making some smaller versions for my house.  Hubby doesn't know that yet.  We will keep that a secret for a couple months until it warms up.  Well this how I solved my display problem up at the shop.  So if you are ever in Williamsburg, come to the Williamsburg Outlet Mall on Route 60, and look us up.  The store name is Country Treasures.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Well, this is my first giveway.  I sure hope you like what I'm giving.  It a  prim raggedy anna doll, a cup lamp; saucer made into a lamp with some smelling good stuff in it, sign that say I love America and last but least a snow man ornment.

The rules are simple.  Please Read!

1.  You must be a "follower" of my Blog.  This means you need "sign up" for following.  There is a place on the right-side column where it says "follow" just sign up there and it will prompt you the rest of the way.

2.  You must have a Blog of your own (or) leave your email address on your post comment, so I can get a hold of you if you win!  I sure can't come looking for you the way the whole world is on the internet, so don't forget to leave that email address to I can contact you.

3.  You must post a comment here and only here!  Please don't send a email for I will be only taking the names and blog from my comment section.

This is my first giveaway so I sure hope you like what I'm presenting for the first one.

Now remember I will be drawing the winner next Wednesday the 13th of January. 
Have a great  and Blessed Day.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Monday Blue Monday

Well its the first Monday of the year. I have always had trouble with Mondays'. Its like so hard to get up and get moving and especially when its so cold. The temperature got down into the teens last night and as I'm writing this post, its just 28 degrees. We usually do not have this cold of weather. So much for the climate warming theory. We even had snow before Christmas, very unusual for this area on the East coast of Virginia.

Well I have bought the Valentine Doll pattern from Old Country Cupboard and am waiting to get that sucker in so I can start working on it. I love to make dolls but I end up doing more prim wood stuff then dolls and sewing.

I'm going to have a give away starting on Wednesday. So be sure to check back then. It will be a surprise. I would like to tell people there is a good show here in Newport News, Va. Its called the Fall Festival, on the first weekend in October, if anyone is interested I would be glad to give you the information, just
email me.

Well here is wishing you a great Monday. God Bless

Wishing I was sitting on the Beach in Blue Chairs

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year

I sure hope everyone had a great New Years, mine was quite, which I really do like. We were home this year. We have been in Colorado for the last two Christmas's and New Years. My daughter from Florida came up for Christmas Day and then headed for the mountains of Virginia to take her girls, 17 & 19 skiing, they had never seen snow and they wanted to play in it before they were grown, lol. Then they came back bye here and spent a couple more days with us and then had to go to his mothers house for a couple of days.

Well, I'm going to try to do better about posting and writing. I do have alot of things I want to share, I enjoy The Olde Country Cupboard and the Pickled Patch, I have learned so much from these two sites plus many more. I want my blog to become more interesting and I want to make it more informative. So, I'm really going to give it my best. So stick with me.

Its really cold here in the Hampton Roads area, the temperature last night was down in the low twenties and today its not suppose to be above 30. So can't get out and work on my crafts projects.

Hubby is enjoying the ball games and I'm trying to figure out more about blogging and changing the blog to make it more interesting. The desire is there to improve. So, lets hope the desire wins out and not just giving up again. Well have a great day. Enjoy your family and friends and remember God Love You.