Monday, July 18, 2011


I lost 11 lbs., whew, I lost some weight, think I will do a happy dance here because  I’m  so glad that I started this weight loss plan, I’m going to feel so much better.  Its a little weight lost compared to what I have to lose but guess what it is a start and that is what counts.  It takes time to readjust our selves to new ways.  You know one time I was told that it took 21 days to form a new habit so 7 down 14 to go and maybe I will have this new habit form of not stuffing my face so much.    In every thing we do, we are told it takes time and some times it is so frustrating, but remember what I told you self wants immediate gratification for what we are doing.  It takes time.  The reason I’m saying this over and over, is I’m trying to convince myself and reason with self, to be patient.  Little steps at a time and then they will turn into a big step.  So stay tune and see what happens this week.  Each day will get better and your body will get the message of what you’re trying to do to it.  Right now it’s rebelling against you because it wants more food and wants you to just sit back in that old rocking chair.  Don’t give in, let’s keep going down this road together .  Sure hope everyone has a nice day.  another heat way is heading this way. so try to stay cool this week.  Talk at you later.

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