Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Happy Monday and Tuesday, sure hope you had a wonderful weekend. Just wanted to share with you, my weight loss this Monday morning. It’s been a good weekend; I didn’t make it to church.

Well, sure hope you are keeping on track with your new healthy weight loss journey. I have to say I did a little eating of stuff that I should not have had but I still stayed down under my calorie count. I still loss 2 lbs. Let me know how you did. I know it’s hard to get moving and losing, but you can do it. What is your obstacle today that would keep you from changing your life to a healthier eating program? Sometimes we need to mentally think what I am doing to this body of mine... Try to figure out what it is that makes you want to hurt yourself by eating unhealthy. I know I wished I had thought about it many years ago. I think the last five years that I have wasted just sitting on my behind and really not doing much at all. I felt like my life was over and that was it, but I have found its not over not until we take our last breath and we need to enjoy it and be thankful for this time we have on this side of heaven. Let me get off of the soap box, but just remember I’ve been there, so I just hope you join me on the journey to losing and moving. I’m getting ready to go to my water walking class and see if I can keep moving and losing. Have a great  Tuesday.   I'm sorry I didn't get this posted yesterday.  But I wasn't feeling good, I went to water walking class and when I got back my neck and shoulders were really hurting.  I felt really bad and didn't even get on the puter.  But I did do 1 hour of waterwalking even though I felt horrible.  But I pushed myself to move, and it did feel good.  Today I'm proud of myself that I pushed.  I didn't eat like I should but I will do better today.  You see there will be days that you have to overcome, that crazy feeling that you just want to go back to that old rocking chair and stay and of course, stuff your face.  It still hurts when I move but I'm trying hard to push past those achs and pains.  I sure hope it gets easier.

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