Friday, February 17, 2012

Starting Weigh-In-Friday

Well, its me again.  I just wanted to let you know that I've started back trying to loose some weight.  I have gained some of what I lost back. So, its like starting all over again.  So please come and join me on another journey of trying  to loose weight again.  Its very depressing, I feel horrible, don't won't to move and my back is hurting and my neck is bothering me again.  I haven't exercised or anything in months.  Its a chore to even walk, so I really need to get back on track.  I have to admit I felt so much better when I was water walking and cutting those calories.  So lets hope I get farther than I did before.  Please come and join me. 

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Hi from Gate Street

Well, its Friday and another week has gone by and guess what! spring is just around the corner.  We have had a fairly nice winter, just lots of rain, which I hate, but I know its something we need, for when Summer comes we go for weeks without it.  But its still very depressing sometimes.  We did have a few snow furries which was just enough to make me want more so I could make snowcream, but not this time. 

I have been working on trying to get my old paint room ready so I can start sewing again.  Its going to be a few more days before we get it done.  I will show some before pictures and after.  I have painted on wood for the last 20 years and not really sewn very much.  I use to make ruffle curtains, potty sets, pillows, you name it and I put a ruffle on it.  Then I started painting and I haven't sewn very much in the a long time.  But I'm going to try to get back into it.  It seems like people really likes dolls, pillows and sewing items now more than painting unless its really detailed.  So we will see how it comes about and even if I really want to do that again.  At least my room will be cleaned and fixed a little. 

Well, I sure hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day and told that certain someone how much you love and appreciate them.  Just remember March is next and that means Spring is just around the corner, we will start seeing those daffodils soon.  I just love that flower.  Its so bright and cheerful.  Well here's hoping you have a Blessed Day.  God Bless

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