Tuesday, July 19, 2011


If you have been idle for a while you might want to try doing water walking, it’s easy on the bones and its a little bit slower pace then just getting out there and pounding the pavement.  I love the water, and you don't get into water above 4 ft so you don't get your hair wet unless you want to.  Its low impact but they do have other classes for people who really want to do high impact, which is my goal to move on as soon as I can.  You have to decide what you like to do, but my daughter says we need to move a little to start the heart pounding, and the metabolism working again.  So I just do what I think is good for me right now. 


Well I went to water walking yesterday and it felt so good. I just love the water and love to swim. My goal is to learn how to lap swim as soon as I can lose a few more lbs. and where I want give out of air when going across the pool with each lap. It will come, getting ahead of myself, but when you take a step to change things about you, you really don’t want to wait, you’ve made up your mind, you want to be healthy and learn to lap swim, lift weights, run a 3 miles marathon and you just want to do it now.

When I got in the pool last week it brought back memories of about 8 years ago when I was working on losing weight, I was going to get a gastric by-pass surgery and the psychologist did not want me to have it and suggested that I go and get treatment because she thought I was depressed and needed counseling. So I went to counseling and guess what both of them recommended, that I do not have the gastric by-pass because of my eating disorder, so I didn’t but during this time I had started losing weight and going to the pool to water walk. It felt so good, but I then had to have both knees replaced and so my ego was hurt because that really made me feel old. So after the surgery I just started setting and doing nothing, maybe a few crafts here and there, it will to be a hard road to get back to where I want to be.

So if you’re trying to lose weight and want to join me, come on along. We can talk, exchange ideas, and vent some of the frustrations that go along with losing weight but most of all, we can encourage each other from afar. Think about and let me know.

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