Friday, August 5, 2011


Good Morning everyone, sure hope everyone are having a good week. Well, I have. I have been water walking 4 days this week. It feels so good to be moving. I had a little problem on Wednesday, I kind of over did it so I had to take off on Thursday, but I’m back in the water and just taking it a little easy. I have had lunch on Friday that was not so good for me but I didn’t go over my calorie intake. You know that is what it’s all about. Watching those calories, and I never wanted to do that. I measure sometimes I judge but guess what it is getting easier and easier. I sure hope you are on the journey to changing your lifestyle to a healthier one. I try not to use the word diet but just think that I beginning to change my idea of what healthy means to me and my family. Maybe it we would all think of healthy and not diet, it would help all of us that are overweight and miserable about how we feel. I sure hope you have made that decision to change your eating habits and let me know so we can follow and encourage one another. I told my daughter the other day that I do not know what made me change so fast, usually by now I back eating everything in site and not moving but it will be 4 weeks this coming Monday. So come on and get on the bandwagon and let’s start losing and moving together. You will be surprised how well you will feel. Have a good weekend. Take care of yourself and remember move and lose.

I got to see my granddaughters again from Colorado for a little while last night, I just enjoy seeing and being around those girls, I guess because I miss them and they are the babies of the family. And I also got to spend some more time with Zahra, she remembers me as nanny now and was so cute, she if my great granddaughter. She knows her alphabet and can count to 14, she will be 2 in September. They all had a blast in the pool playing.

Remember lets get to moving and losing which means healthy lifestyle and not diet. Hope you all have a great weekend and remember Monday is weigh-in-day. Take care and God Bless.

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