Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rocking Chair Planter

I wanted to share with everyone how I made my rocking chair planter. First, of all hubby had to do some repair to the bottom seat. Then I decided what size flower pot would fit in the bottom of my chair. You can’t cut out but so much from the base so that you will have enough edge to set your flower pot down into and that it will hold firmly.

I had to brace my seat because it had slat bottom. So I cut an extra piece of wood to help stabilize the flower pot seat and take care of the weight of the flower pot. I screwed the bottom in and reinforced on the underside of the chair where it sits on the body of the rocker. I just put a few extra screws here and there to help make it sturdier for the flower pot.

I sprayed the flower pot inside and out with acrylic spray so when I painted it the pot would not absorb the paint plus it helped to make it not as aborting of water when the plant is watered and when it rains.

I cut my wood sign this size I wanted, then painted, stenciled Welcome on it and then sanded and stained it. I built my birdhouse and painted it and put some little decorative thins on it. I also stained it so it would hold up in the weather. I attached the birdhouse to the rocker, When attaching to rocker you need to be careful because the weight of the birdhouse can tilt the rocker back so you need to work with it until you get the rocker sitting up straight when the birdhouse is attached.

Now go buy your dirt if you haven’t already and whatever flower you want to display. Fill the pot up with dirt, plant the flowers you purchased.

The finishing touches of your planter are up to you. I put grape vine on mine. I just wrapped it here and there. You could put flower garland around it for the spring and summer, then sunflower in the fall, then greenery and lights for the holidays. You can make another sign also for each season.

Just a thought here, I added some safety precautions to mine so that no one could steal it, My Rocker Planter sits a little ways from the house. So I just drilled some holes in the rockers and put a steel rod down 
in the ground.

Oh yes, I forgot I had a old canning pot and I just put some dirt in there and another flower and turned the pot to the side and sit it in front of my rocker planter. I really thought that added another dimension to the Rocker Chair Planter


Donna~One Simple Country Girl said...

I love this! Hhhmmm, I think I am seeing a new project in my hubby's future!! LOL!!! Thanks for sharing!

rockriverstitches said...

Pat, Love, love your rocking chair planter!!


Anonymous said...

Pat, this is so great, I love it. I will have to stop by and really see it and touch it. Keep thinking, soon that big idea will come. God is good.