Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another Beautiful Day

Well today, was so beautiful, just the way I like it.  Nice and sunny with blue skies.  I sure hope wherever you are that you had a beautiful day with sunshine rays with just a peaceful atomospere to give you a great and wonderful blessed day. 

I'm getting ready to plant some tomatoe plants and I'm going to try some string beans.  I have no place for a garden so I'm going to be trying to grow these plants in flower gardens.  If I'm successful with these this year watch out I might make flower beds and turn them into garden plots.  I will take some pictures tomorrow and share with you where I'm going to put these tomatoes and green beans. 

I wonder what it is that makes us want to get out and scatch in the dirt when it gets pretty outside, I just want to see more things growning and plant different things everywhere.  But I get tried real easy so I have to be careful what I bite off to do.  But I just sit on the deck and think what I could plant and where I could put flower beds.  I planted some flowers a couple years ago and guess what they all died.  I even planted a whole bed of 8 or 9  Gardenia Bushes and then had to end up replacing 4 of them and then they died this past year.  So when I keep looking at that bed it kind of makes me cry because that was alot of money.  So I sure hope I do better with these vegetable then I did with the plants and bushes.  Stayed tune and I will be letting you know how they turn out.  Well it about 12 and I need to hit the sack but just wanted to talk about my plans for the gardens.  Hope everyone has a blessed and wonderful day tomorrow.  Take care till we meet again right here.  God Bless

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