Saturday, May 7, 2011


Good Morning all,
Well, its the day before Mothers Day, I sure hope everyone is thinking about their moms.  You know whether you have a good or bad one.  If it wasn't for that Mom, you would not be here.  So think about that and ask God's blessing on that Mom.  You know the bible says that we are to "Honor thy Mother and Father.  I know that is sometimes hard when you have been abused or hurt real bad by them.  But when we honor God's word, He honors us.  The reason I'm saying these words because I've been there.  I just wanted to share what God put on my heart today about Mothers Day.  I had two years with my Mom, before she died and I wouldn't take anything for those 2 years.  I had not seen much of her for many years.  I had always wonder what I would do when she got old and needed my help but   thanks my Heavenly Father for giving me the grace to forgive and forget so that I could take care of her and honor her as my Mother.  I know how hard that can be but with God anything is possible.  I loved my Mom and I found out that she loved me.  So,  this Mothers Day if you are having a hard time with your Mother remember what God has told us to do and you will be blessed many times over if you just do what God is telling us to do. 

Here is a little poem about Mothers that I wanted to share.  Have a great Mothers Day.



You gave me love and watched me grow
You taught me things, I'd need to know
You comforted me and dried my tears
You gave me laughter throughout the years
You taught me to care, to be understanding
I know there were times, I was so demanding
Your wisdom and strength, guided me through
Without your love, I don't know what I'd do
That constant faith you'd had in me
Has given me wings and set me free
Thank you so much, for just being you.
All the love, the laughter - You're the best-
It's true...Love to all Mothers.

Have  a great day with your Mom.

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