Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wanted to Share What I Enjoyed Today.

Well, I 'm just wanted to share with my fellow blogger friends what I've had   a treat today.  Don't know whether you like oysters or not but I do.  We haven't had them in a long time.  Many years ago, we used to have a fire pit with a grill over it and we would put the oysters  on there and steam them.  We had not done that in many years, needless to say the fire pit is gone because we build a shed where it was. 

So we had talked to a friend to try to get some oysters when my daughter was here in December but never could get them, but guess what we got them today.  And we had a feast just me, Walter and Choie.  This time we just used our grill and put them on  there, made a cocktail sauce and just sit on the deck and had oysters, and crackers.  Hubby finished opening them after they were steamed a little.  They were some kind of good.  Here are a few pictures of our enjoyment.  Hope everyone is having a great day, it has beautiful here for the couple days.  I just love this weather.  Makes me excited for spring to get here, but the old ground hog saw his shadow so they say 6 more weeks of winter.  Let's hope there wrong.  God bless and enjoy the pictures.

Putting oysters on grill

pizza pan full of steamed oysters

Don't they look good

Choie decides to see what's going on.

She smelling to see if suits her taste buds

She ready to try it but wait I'm thinking about this?

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