Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Somethings to Ponder about our Weight

Well day 2, not much to show for, but I’m still going through with it. So, lets talk about why we eat so much or why I eat so much. I have had some bad things happen to me when I was a child and a few along the way in this life. I have been to numerous psychologist for help and they have helped me but I still can’t get to the core of why I eat, unless I’ve let food become my comfort for whatever ails me. Sometimes food can become everything to a person, when children leave home, when we don’t work or we work and don’t want too, or even if we like our job. Sometimes it’s hard to figure what causes us to cross over to were our food dictates to us instead of us dictating to it. We should eat to fill our stomachs not try to fill our soul or stuff down the unhappy moments in life. Well I’m going to ponder on these thoughts today and see if I can find answers to some of these I’ve mentioned.

I hope baring my soul does not upset people, but I’ve tried a whole lot of diets, weight watchers, almost had a gastric bypass, but guess what my psychologist said he didn’t think that would be a good thing for me because I had a eating disorder, well can you imagine how I felt when he said that, everyone has to eat, why should this be bad and be a disorder. Well, I understood what he meant but sometimes these words hit like a bomb shell and I didn’t like it. Then the next words I heard, you are considered in the obesity category. Well that was the first time I was told that and that really upset me to think, here I was at late 50’s and now they considered me that bad word. Even though I know, no one likes to here it. Well things have gone on long enough and I really want to try to loose some weight for my heath, for myself, and not for anyone else.

So here are a few thoughts to ponder on today. Come share with me, if you are going though this same struggle of trying to lose weight and put your life back together so we can enjoy the rest of our lives with family and friends. Well till we meet again, remember we are what we eat. Have a great day.

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