Saturday, July 24, 2010


This is the temperature today, boy is it ever hot, hot, hot.  All that complaining that I did about cold winter and rain, rain and more rain, please forgive me Dear Lord.  I would take that kind of weather back in a minute.  It has been so hot and no rain now going on 2 months, but today is the hottest, I'm almost sure we broke a record.  The thermoter is on the back of my window in the kitchen which is in the rear of the house.  The sun was not on it either.  Well, maybe we will get some relief real soon.  Hope you can stay cool.  Inside is where I have been for a week now.  The walls are looking good.  I'm trying to be thankful for this hot weather, our God knows what we need more than I.  So I'm going to praise Him for it and still stay inside.
My grandchildren are here from Colorado and I enjoyed them on Friday.  Will post some pictures later of them.  They sure have grown up.  Well have a good hot evening.  Take care until we meet again.