Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hope Your Still With Me on This Journey


Good Morning in Blog land, sure hope everyone has a good day today. Just wanted to talk a little about dieting, food and of course weight. I sure hope I’m not boring you, but I think this is a little like therapy, talking about this weight stuff. I know it’s out there for the whole world to see, but maybe that’s good. I know God is listening to me too. So maybe it’s good for the whole world to engage in this problem too. Many people are having problems with weight and how to loose, what causes them to stop trying. So maybe this is a good way to get more people involved.

We are having a bible study on idols, and the very first lesson I guessed eating could be classified as my idol or could just food. Well, I think it could, because I find so much comfort in food for all that ells me. If I’m sad, I start thinking about finding some food to fill that emptiness and to make me happy, this also could be buying stuff too, which I have also have had this problem too, but that’s another whole story. Let’s keep on the weight track right now. When I’m happy, oh boy lets go out and eat or have someone over to celebrate my happiness. Ugh. Then of course, when I’m depressed got to stuff my face to make me happy again. Well, is it an idol, or just a misconception of food and who I am? Lots to think about today! How do you react to your moods, I have a little thing I will share with you. It might help you. It has helped me sometimes but I still fight the battle.

The word is Halt:

H – Hungry

A – Angry

L – Lonely (having losses, sad, depression)

T – Tired.

That means halt before you take that first bite and see what you’re feeling. Hope this helps a little. Some more thoughts on idols tomorrow. What do you think an idol is?

Till we meet again.

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