Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Well yesterday was a tough one, I wanted to eat everything in site. Dreamed of all kinds of foods like chocolate, dumplings, fried chicken, anything sweet, I think I could of just rolled in all of that stuff, But I stayed, only diverted when I fixed some chicken and rice for my doggie, she hasn’t been feeling good, so when she acts kind of weird and not eat, I fix her chicken and rice, my vet recommended it. I just couldn’t stand it, so I took about ½ cup but I posted it on my dietary intake and I still stayed under my calorie count. So I’m still working towards my goals, but having a craving day for things I use to eat. Remember I told you it took 21 days for things to become a new habit, so I got a few more days to go.

I went to water walking yesterday and just had a ball, walking and moving this old body. It still hurts, some I couldn’t do so I just moved my arms and walked. You would be surprised how much resistance there is in the water when you are walking and you don’t have that pounding on your knees and feet. So, I was happy for the push to go and move.

I will not be able to do the water walking for about 2 weeks after Thursday, I’m having eye surgery and I will have to wait for 2 weeks to get back in the water. I thought this is crazy killing my self, trying to push to move, but you know it has been so good for me, because you see I didn’t think I could do it. But I have proven to myself, I can do it. I’m telling you there are ladies doing water walking that are a lot worse off than I am and older than I am. So it has been a big eye opener for me.

I hope my ramblings has helped you, it sure has me. Just writing this stuff and telling how I feel has helped so much. So thanks for reading and listening to an old broad pour her heart out about my journey of getting healthy and losing weight.

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