Monday, September 5, 2011


Losing weight isn't easy, you know that or we wouldn’t be counting and moving. You need not let setbacks get in the way of your quest for better health. Please “don't let a minor setback end your diet - they will happen and you can get past it". You need to keep your motivations up, and stay accountable for your actions, with Calorie count, face book page and through blogs. We are in a social networking society and we can get help from our friends and relatives though these outlets. So remember you can do it, just look at the things that are out here on the internet to help you push toward your goals. I know it has helped me with posting on my blog and using calorie count for keeping track of all my eating. I post even when I know I’m going to go over the amount because it makes me accountable. The next day I try to lower it to make up for what I did the day before. Let’s work our program and remember failure is not a word for us, success is our goal, even when we have a setback, getting on the program on the next bite is being successful.

My cravings for my favorite foods and big holidays with family gatherings are going to be hard. Those things will make it hard but just keep track of the intake and try to plan for these gatherings ahead of time, plus sometimes we need to treat ourselves with a little taste but then get right back on our plan. I just want to say we have to be ready to start our journey, I know I set for 5 years before I realized I had to do something. I did have health problems, but whatever the reason try to find something that will motivate you to just get started on moving and losing.

Have a Blessed day.

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