Friday, March 18, 2011

Its been along time since I've posted but I have been under the weather most of this time.  I'm so glad to see a little of spring poppin through with the daffodils and the maple trees are getting those little red thing on them, so I know that the leaves will be out soon.  Its been a long cold winter to me.  So I'm glad to hear the birds chirping and the squirrels making their nest for there arrivals of babies.  My azelias are working on blooming so.  I've kind of glad that Easter is late this year because all the flowers will be in bloom.   Hope everyone is okay in blog land and I think we are already for spring and warm weather.  Even down in Florida this year they have had one of the coldest winters.  My daughter says is still chilly.  She hates cold weather.
Well I've ordered a couple new e-patterns and am hoping to get them made up and will post on my other blog when I do.  Heres wishing you a happy blessed day from Virginia.
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