Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cabinet We Made for Shop

Display Cabinet

When the shop in Williamsburg, where I rent a space decided to move, I wanted a new look.  I knew I was going to keep the red walls, but I wanted some different props.  So I told hubby we are going to make a cabinet for the shop, so that I will have plenty of shelf space.  He just looked at me and said duh.  You see we do not make furniture.  But I said how hard can it be, plus I wanted real prim.  So I thought anything I messed up we would claim prim.   Then I told him I wanted to make it out of fence boards and he just looked at me again and said duh.  When he asked where are the plans, I said right here pointing to my head.  He just shook his head and said oh me we're in trouble.  I said no.  I want it so high and so wide.  I went up and bought 30  6 foot weather treated fence boards and we started with no plan just my brain. 

We just measured as we went and thought before we cut or drilled. I love my cabinet.

We really had a good time making this cabinet, the problem came that I had to paint it. He wouldn't help me plant the cabinet, then he saw where it was going to take me forever and he then decided he would help, and guess what he did. He got a roller and rolled the back of the cabinet and said okay I'm finished. I had to paint all the shelves and the inside back and side with shelves already put in. It seem like it took me forever, but I finally got it finished.

Here it is all finished and in the shop with all my prim wares looking good.  The only problem the rain came and I never got it stained over the white paint.  And we had to be in the shop by a certain date.  The day we moved iin the shop was raining like cats and dogs, so needless to say the cabinet does look real prim like I plan but I still love it.  I thinking about doing the same thing again and improving on the construction and making some smaller versions for my house.  Hubby doesn't know that yet.  We will keep that a secret for a couple months until it warms up.  Well this how I solved my display problem up at the shop.  So if you are ever in Williamsburg, come to the Williamsburg Outlet Mall on Route 60, and look us up.  The store name is Country Treasures.


Donna~One Simple Country Girl said...

I love your cabinet! It turned out great! Looks like you have some great stuff for sale. If I ever make it up to Williamsburg again, I will definitely look you up!
Have a great Thursday!

The Olde Country Cupboard said...

Your cabinet looks great, I wish my hubby would build me some cabinets like that.

auntdeedee said...

Well, i'm in awe!!!! It turned out TERRIFIC.....i say you and hubby might start some prim furniture line!!!! :) I have a great uncle that lives in Williamsburg and I'll definitely stop in if I ever get down to visit him.

Carmen oldefarmhouseroad said...

The planter is beautiful! Love your shop! Well I didn't win your give away but one lucky person will certainly enjoy your adorable Annie! Have a blessed day, Carmen