Monday, July 25, 2011


Well I lost 3 lbs this week, it’s another good start. I just wanted to tell you what happened yesterday. First of all I got up and ate my cereal, milk and fruit, good start right. Then about 1 o’clock and I was having a bad time thinking about everything I use to eat that was not good for me and craving it something fierce, and I gave in. I ate 2 slices of baloney on 2 pieces of bread, first bread I have had. I thought well I’ve done it. I fought hard not to go back in that kitchen and pull out another 2 slices of bread and baloney so I could stuff my face, but I didn’t. I pulled out some rice and chicken and ate about 1 cut of that and then I thought well you’ve done it now. Then I decided to go lie down and read and try to get my mind off of the kitchen and what was lurking in there that I could eat. That helped. But I had to get back up right, couldn’t hide from the kitchen all evening. So I got my nerve up and got up and my husband asks “what do you want for supper”. I just looked at him and said oh I don’t know. He says, I’m going to fix me some hot dogs, and I said oh okay. So I ate 2 hot dogs and ½ cup pork & beans. Oh I new I had blown it now.

My daughter messaged me and asked how I was doing, how could I answer her and tell her what I had eaten today, I knew I was over my calorie count. So I decided to call her because I needed some encouragement to go on. And she said mom, I think your okay. I said really, you do think I’ve not gone over my calories for the day. She said I don’t think so, that made me excited so as soon as I got off the phone, I went to my computer on calorie count and typed everything I had eaten and you will never believe I had not gone over the 1600 calories for the day. I was so delighted that I had not gone over, so the root of this story is that I was so afraid I had messed up and I did by the all the fat content I ate and it sure was not healthy food, but I still had that desire not to go over my calorie count which I think is good.

The reason I was lurking in the kitchen was because I was bored, upset, and a little angry. Remember the Halt thing I shared with you, but I didn’t halt. Now I think about this I see what was going on inside my head and my feeling. Maybe it will help next time when this comes about.

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