Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Good Morning, Hope everyone is having a fine day. How’s your eating today, do you want to stuff, stuff, your face, well I do. I had a dentist appointment yesterday which I hate a trip to the dentist. This time even more so, because probably a root canal and cap tooth so lots of grinding and stuff I don’t like. But let me tell you what I do to try to drown out all that noise, I take my old tape deck and put in on my ears and play it real loud even when I’ve turned down both hearing aids, it works but I can still feel them working in my mouth. Well I didn’t get the work done on my tooth; I started having breathing problems and the dentist would not work on me because he was afraid I would have a real big asthma attack. So as I said I hate going to the dentist, I’m thinking about having the rest of them pulled and having false teeth put on if I can be put to sleep. Ha! Ha! I’m chicken to even think about that. Lets see, I did better yesterday on not eating the bad stuff, and I recorded all that I ate, that is another reason, I started eating I stopped recording it on Calorie Count. Remember what I told you several weeks ago, that you have to be accountable to yourself. If you don’t see what you’re doing and eating, you kind of forget and say oh, this okay I can eat this or that. Sometimes that’s hard because we think we can fudge a little here and a little there, but it all comes down to the scales. It’s the same with life, when we start fudging on things that are important we give up the important things of life.

I hope everyone is still recovering from Irene and things are getting back to normal in your neck of the woods. We have some places here still without power. So patience is a word we do not like to hear and most of all we hate to have it when we want it right now. You know what I mean.

Tomorrow I go to the Doctor to have that shot put in my neck, please pray that I can stay calm for the procedure and no more breathing attacks. And Friday will be weigh- in- day. Hope to at least be down to where I was before I went off the wagon. You know that’s kind of funny saying that but you know when we are working on additions, it’s the truth in whatever additive habit we have, we do go off the wagon, whether its food, alcohol, or drugs. Addition is an addition, what makes it so much harder for food is that we have to eat or die. So I need to plan more and be more accountable to myself. Sure hope your eating habits have been better than mine but let’s get to moving and losing. I can’t wait to get back to the pool on the 6th of September.

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