Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Monday Blue Monday

Well its the first Monday of the year. I have always had trouble with Mondays'. Its like so hard to get up and get moving and especially when its so cold. The temperature got down into the teens last night and as I'm writing this post, its just 28 degrees. We usually do not have this cold of weather. So much for the climate warming theory. We even had snow before Christmas, very unusual for this area on the East coast of Virginia.

Well I have bought the Valentine Doll pattern from Old Country Cupboard and am waiting to get that sucker in so I can start working on it. I love to make dolls but I end up doing more prim wood stuff then dolls and sewing.

I'm going to have a give away starting on Wednesday. So be sure to check back then. It will be a surprise. I would like to tell people there is a good show here in Newport News, Va. Its called the Fall Festival, on the first weekend in October, if anyone is interested I would be glad to give you the information, just
email me.

Well here is wishing you a great Monday. God Bless

Wishing I was sitting on the Beach in Blue Chairs

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