Thursday, January 14, 2010

Well, its been one of those days.  Not doing much, I got to get up and move.  I'm moving in my mind, thinking of all the things I want to make, I wonder if that counts, sure hope so.  Maybe I've done my mile since I've been thinking about walking a mile, you think.  Well, we crafters know how it is, we sit and think about those new ideas that we are sure to get to notice.  And, we want to design that one thing that will make a big hit in the craft world, but I'm just sitting here.  Got to get moving.  Today is the warmest day we have had in our area, in two weeks.  Its in the low forties.  Hurray.  JUst maybe it will get to 51 like there saying for tomorrow. 

Sweetmeadows has a great giveaway with one of her dolls, oh I would love to win that sucker, wouldn't you.  Just click on the Sweetmeadow doll and it will take you to her blog.  Sign up and your in the running for that doll.  Good Luck.

Well, take care and have a blessed evening.

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