Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Morning's Blessings

Hi there, well today is  Monday and I went to church yesterday, so that was one of my goals.  That was the beginning of a good week.  I look forward to see what this week will bring.  Now my next goal is to ride my bike for 5 minutes each day.  Please pray for me as I work towards my goals.  \

I just love the picture I have for today, because each day is a new day.  Its like a new start up for life each day that comes.  We can decide to do what we want.  God wants us to do for Him and gloryfy Him.  I know I fail to do this so many times, but just remember He gives us another chance tomorrow.  Try not to worry about tomorrow lets just take one step at a time today.   Remember we have a God who gives new chances everyday.  Sure hope you have a great day.

There is a chance of snow here, I sure hope they are wrong.  I'm so ready for Spring its unreal.  I can't wait to see the new green leaves popping our and the spring flowers.  So I sure hope they are wrong but if not maybe the next day will be sunny and bright with warmth.  I think we all get itchy for Spring right about now. 

Have you ever thought about the bears and how they hibranate in the winter then come out when the spring weather starts.  Well I think God lets us have these winters so that we can rest, and lets the land   rest for the spring planting so that we will be rejunated come Spring.  I still don't like the real cold weather because sometimes it seems forever, but I have thought about this many times.  I complain about this but I know God has His reason for the seasons and I just need to learn to enjoy the time with my family and my Savior. 

Well, have a blessed day.  Remember God loves you.

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