Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Good Morning All

Good Morning, sure hope you had a great Monday, I did, I worked on my craft room.  My goal was too stay on my new eating plan and I did that, but I did not get on the stationary bike, but I did do fairly well on the eating plan. And I didn't sit in that chair all day.   So that was  good. 

So today, is Tuesday, what can I write about that would interest my readers.  Well, remember I told you that I just loved spring and the first flower that usually came out was a daffodil, well guess what on Sunday on  my way home from church, I saw a daffodil out and looking beautiful, but we had a forecast for snow on Sunday, I checked and its still peeking out. 

And then on Monday my doggie wanted to go out and I looked out on my deck and you will not believe I saw a beautiful red cardinal setting on my gas stove.  I hurried and got my camera, but he was gone but I couldn't get the picture, but it was another great sign for Spring.  Also I heard on the news that we were going to have high sixties this week, so its getting nearer and nearer.  Now the real rainy season comes in.  Oh well, at least I know it want be long.  Isn't it amazing that we can count on God for we know that in His timing everything will happen.  God is great.   Sure hope you have a great day.  God Bless 

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Kim said...

Lovely pics and yes, spring is closer now than ever. And I also trust it is all according to his plan.