Saturday, February 18, 2012

Good Saturday morning, I hope everyone has great plans for the weekend.  People who work I know look forward to the weekend and being with their love ones.  Me, I'm always looking for something to do or just sit again and stuff my face.   It use to be so nice when my kids where home for the weekend because we were all together, but now the two girls are living away and I only see them a couple times of the year.  So what do I do with myself, the same thing I did Monday through Friday, just sit and think and stuff my face.  So need to start planning for something new on weekends.  Its so hard to change yourself or making yourself even want to change.  What to look forward too.  I made up my mind that I'm going to start going to chuch on Sundays.  I have fallen on that and its not good.  So lets start with that one accomplishment this week and ride my stationary bike for 5 minutes each day.  Will let you know how I progress.  My daughter who is a nurse says that is how you need to get started, ist to focus on one thing or 2 small things and try to accomplish that for the week.  So that's my goal.   Have a great day.  Remember God loves you.

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carolyn said...

Remember for retired people, every day is Saturday, but when it is Sunday. So at least there will be a change on Sunday. I prayed you would be in Church today, and PTL you were there. I will make a goal also to "walk" 30 min. in my house. I have been doing it this month in Fl. "walking in place", of course with music. I miss you and hopefully will see you Wednesday. My best friend.