Sunday, July 24, 2011


I have fought the temptation to eat for two solid days, so I decided I would write instead of fighting. I feel depressed. I feel like I could eat everything in sight. Sometimes I feel like I could eat the refrigerator, so go figure. I ate too much yesterday but I didn’t go over the calories except for about 100, which I guess is good when I consider how I felt. You know they say there will be days like this, but give me a break 2 in a row.

I read an article from Calorie Count about, “How to Break Your Eat-Repent-Repeat Cycle” and guess what it didn’t really help. But it did make me ask some questions about myself. Why do I eat? Great question, I eat for emotional reasons, to feel good, makes me happy, it comforts me. Right now, I have some great concerns about some my friends and I don’t know if that is contributing to it. My son-in-law just lost his job, and one of our best friends just found out he has cancer, the skin kind and his wife already suffers from diabetes and she has to has have kidney dialysis.

I know people have problems all over the place, and I’ve always heard if you look around, you will find someone a lot worse and I do that often. But when it hits home, it makes you think. I’m so thankful I have faith in Christ, but it still makes you want to stuff your face when the fear comes and you see people you love hurting. Christ will see me through this and my friends too.

I needed to write and talk about my fight with wanting to eat everything in the house. I still haven’t had sweets. I would probably smear it all over my face if I got near any sweet stuff or better yet just wallow in it would be better. lol.

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Kim said... hang in there and be strong. I was reading your post and came to the part where you say you trust in the lord and he will see you thru. Well grandma would say, thats it.....satan is tempting push that chair back from the table and get up and go take a walk or read a book or do some handwork of some kind that you enjoy!!

Pat said...

Thanks Kim, I keep asking the Lord to take the hunger and the desire for food away but its still there, that's when I have to use self-control, I think that is in the bible. Working hard on that too.