Friday, July 22, 2011


Well, I made it through surgery okay, got a new lens for my eye. If you don’t know what that is its cataract surgery. As far as the diet I did okay yesterday, but could not water walk. Today I’m going to get on that stationery bike and try riding it for a while. I didn’t eat much yesterday, but I did have some fried catfish, which I probably should not have but that is one of my favorite things, but I measured out 4 ounces and just ate that with a salad. I still stayed under my 1600 calories.

One of the things I think in counting calories is that you can figure out what you’re going to eat ahead of time and fix it. I use calorie count and I also have a appl on my phone so I can look up the calories for any food or restaurant if I’m out and can’t get to my computer. You know earlier I would just use something as an excuse to not count those calories, its to much trouble to look up, it takes so much time, lol, I had all that time to sit in that rocking chair to stuff my face but not enough time to simply look up what calories were in my food that I was eating. You see we look for the least excuse to stop really trying to lose weight. It’s just self that doesn’t want to make the move; it likes being stuffed and just looking out for “I” or “me”. Sometimes we do have pain inside that keeps us from losing weight, we’re scarred that maybe we might fail, and we’re scared that when we lose weight we might be tempted by doing stupid things. Its easy to stay right were we are because we’re safe with our fat and no one can hurt us except we ourselves by not doing anything about it. So, think about were you are and make a decision to try to get up and out of that old rocking chair and move and lose with me.

Remember, you are the only one that can make that decision and you deserve it. Only you can make it for yourself, because you are important to your love ones and you never know what God has in store for you. So come on get up and lets move and lose. Have a great day.

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Prims and Annies said...

Hi Pat...I agree with's all about calories..forget all the expensive diet all comes down to the same have to really watch what you eat. My husband and I have discovered that if we eat around 6 pm and do not have anything until the next morning, we will lose weight....but.. He started a new job 4 months ago and he does not get home until around 7:30/ 8:00pm so we eat late and guess what - I have put on 10 lbs. I am 64 and seems like everything I eat goes to my ab/stomach area. I have read several things that if you give up sugar the "belly fat" will go away. I LOVE sugar...and when I go without, I do feel much better. I have been following your progress and have picked up some great tips.

Pat said...

Thanks, I will keep working on it. When we get old, we don't have to run around the kids and sort forth, we have a tendency to want to just sit and that does make it hard. We really have nothing pushing us to do or go. You know what I mean. It gets boring some times.
Thanks again