Thursday, September 8, 2011

WHAT MOTIVATES YOU????????????????

You know that is a serious question. There are so many things that motivate us to do things we should or things we should not do. Who and what is your motivator? I would like to say God motivates me all the time, but I can’t, sometimes I’m just one of these fly by night people who just does what she wants, and it has gotten me in trouble many times. In fact, it did tonight, I have been very careful what I eat, but hubby said something that just really got to me and instead of staying calm and trying to reason or pray about it, I ate dinner, but they were things that I should not have had. I’ve been stewing over what I did about not handling it like I should. I was motivated by my anger, yes I wanted to eat that stuff, and I just needed something to throw me over the edge and it did. So I need to remember Halt.

Several years ago, I rededicated my life to Christ and I feel like Jesus is motivating me more and more but I still slip. We think we know so much and do not need His advice, but we do. Our President and our politician’s need his guidance’s to get us through the problems we have today in our Country... I pray that Jesus is your motivator. If not I pray that you will look for Him to help you and guide you in whatever you are trying to do.

Well I went water walking today. After about one and half hour, the whistle blew and we had to get out of the pool, even though we were inside, we might be hit by thunder and lightning, and of course, I had to ask questions! Why do I have to get out of the pool, we’re inside? but she said the lighting might hit the building. Great, we’re in a building in a pool and we might get hit by lighting. Well, I kind of rebelled and started helping pick up equipment and I was told real nice to get out of the pool. You see what I’m saying about motivation, I wanted to do what I wanted to do not what they were telling me to do. These people are there for my safety, well that is the same as Jesus telling us we should do or not do. He’s looking out for us. He wants to help us through life so we have a more abundant life. Jesus is at the door knocking, want you let Him come in and be your Savior and motivator. Have a blessed day. God Bless

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