Saturday, May 28, 2011

Remember This Weekend and What It Is All About, Freedom, Sacrifice

As we celebrate this weekend, with cook outs, celebrations, please lets remember the fallen that has made this country what it is today.  Also, lets remember if we do not fight for these freedoms they can be taken away in a heart beat, so as we remember the fallen, lets also take heart that we be willing to stand up for our right as a country that  stands for freedom around the world, not a world order country trying to protect the whole world, it is not our place.  We have been called to stand up for our Great Country AMERICA.  Lets remember that with God's help we can overcome the fightings that is happening within our country today.  Please lets stand tall arm in arm for this great land of ours.  GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL WHO HAVE MADE THE GREAT SARIFICE FOR OUR FREEDOM OF LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.  Have a great celebration and remembrance.

 God Bless.

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