Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Well, we are officially starting summer.  That's what I remember as a kid, when Memorial Day was over the summertime started.  Well we still have to get the kids out of school, graduations has already happened for most colleges and now it time for high school graduation.  So here is congradulations to all high school and college graduation students. 

Now the fun begins with cookouts, vacation and of course camps for alot of the kids.  I miss having all of that, you see I'm a granny and a great grandmother, and when we get old, we miss out on all of that fun, so here is a warning to all you mothers enjoy every minute of this time of your life with your kids.  I miss it so much.  Because they grow up and sometimes move away.  I know most grannies will tell you to enjoy but when your young and the time is put on taking care of kids and you think is it never going to end, but it does and then you wish you could go back to those days and change this or that.  Don't get me wrong its nice when they grow up but sad because you miss all that stuff. 

Well these are just a few of my thoughts for today of remembering my kids and the times we had during the summer and reflection of what happens when they grow up and take that last walk across the stage for graduation of high school or college.  Enjoy your moments with them always.  Have a great blessed day.

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jennifer768 said...

Enjoyed reading your thoughts and I thank you for sharing them.Our children do seem to grow up way to fast.May your summer be blessed with many fun filled days,Jen