Monday, August 15, 2011


Hey there bloggers, sure hope you’ve had a good week. I have but I didn’t lose any weight this week. But I know why, I ate a little different this week than what I had been doing. I increased my calorie intake because they were to low. So I didn’t really expect to lose. Also I will be changing my weigh in on Friday instead of Monday. You see that gives me the week to really work on dieting and if I need to have a day of some special stuff I can on a limited scale. So I hope you will stay with me and keep losing and moving.

I went water walking 4 times last week and walked 2 hours each session. That really helped my knees and my hips. I couldn’t believe how much better I moved around without it hurting so much. I truly recommend that anyone that is in a place where they can’t walk or move to try to find a place where you can just get in the water and move. Its is a lot more easier and you really do not feel the pressure that you are putting on your knees and hips. The water also gives resistance to your walking and acts like a cushion on your body for you. I just would like to encourage anyone who can get to a pool to try it. Well I sure hope everyone has a good week. And just remember keep moving and losing. If you need any encouragement just let me know. Have a great week

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Prims and Annies said...

Hi Pat...don't feel down for not losing weight this past week...I think you have hit the plateau. I started my plan 3 weeks ago and have lost 10 pounds..last week the scales did not move one bit and this morning it dropped 4 pounds...I was discouraged all last week (I weigh on Monday and Friday) but kept it up.
I am eating regular food (nothing fried) and smaller portions. I am watching carbs and eat them before 4 p.m. We eat chicken, lean pork chops and ground sirloin and a great veggi we love is green beans. You know, they are much better cooked the day before eating, and being from the south, ham is cooked with veggies..but I have discovered they are just as good without all the ham. I do not eat salads to lose weight..they are boring. I end up with indigestion and eating the wrong food later.
Tonight we are having a southwestern chicken's what will go in creation. Boneless chicken breast seasoned with southwestern spices and cooked in a small amount of olive oil. For the lettuce, I use romaine mixed with spinach or leaf lettuce or iceberg. In a salad spinner I add half full water and about 3 tablespoons white vinegar. I put the chopped lettuce,broccoli,carrots,celery in the water and gently stir around..pour out the water and spin the remaining water out.I use white vinegar to clean all my raw foods..kills the bacteria and removes dirt or whatever is on it... and I think it taste better.. I then put in individual bowls. I add small amounts of cran raisins or raisins(about 6-8), few mandrian oranges or 3 or 4 pineapple chunks. Putting this in satisfies my sweet tooth. Then add tomatoes, green onions or red, mild pepper rings or pepperceni, couple slices dill pickle, and then I slice the chicken breast in slices and then again in bite size pieces and put on top of lettuce..sprinkle a little parmesan cheese...cover with plastic wrap...goes to fridge to chill at least 1 hour...better to stay 2 hours...I like salad cold. Bring it out..add croutons and favorite is blue cheese....I do not eat low calorie dressing..I just control the amount of the real thing. If I had to eat low calorie dressing I would not eat it...I just don't like it. Another thing I have done is mix fat free yogurt with the blue cheese dressing for a lower calorie dressing. We have this once a week at night.I am staying away from casseroles but I do cook enchiladas and spaghetti and eat it in moderation...and I am not giving up our Sunday breakfast..pancakes and sausage..I just eat 4 instead of....quite a few like in the past. Eating slower helps also.

What is one of your favorite low calorie meals?


Pat said...

Thanks for posting. sorry I'm late getting back to you. But I have been water walking and then crashing when I get home. I have some receipes but most are in the head, and I just throw stuff together. But I will have to start maybe posting some receipes. Thanks again for your comment. Lets keep moving and losing. You can do it and I sure hope to give it everything I got this time. Talk at you later.