Friday, July 15, 2011


Well, guess what I’ve made it through the week, some great things happened this week. I kept my calories down to 1600 to 2000 each day, I started a water walking class, which I’ve been once and guess what it felt so good to be back moving again, (yes I did hurt some but I did it), plus I’ve done a lot of talking here about feelings, who I am, and much more. I will know on Monday if it all paid off but if it doesn’t its okay, I feel better, I’m doing something. It will come, it takes time. Hey I didn’t put all this weight on in a week; it’s been many years of stuffing my face and sitting in my rocking chair, and just not caring about myself. I’m one of these people that likes instant gratification, what do you mean I can’t loose this 100 lbs. in a week or two, your crazy, I’m supper woman. Yea, that is what we tell ourselves so many times, when we go on fad diets and what happens we stay on them for about two weeks and quit. (Been There)

I’ve watched my son-in-law do this weight thing now for 6 months and some weeks he would only loose ½ lb, but he didn’t quit, he walked more miles or cut back on calories. So lets get it in our heads, sometimes it’s a slow process. Our mind needs to start working on body areas (brain, metabolism, muscles that have not done much) so we need time since we have not worked on them in a while. Our body is use to being stuffed to the gills and just sitting on our cans feeling that great gratification that we get when we have stuffed ourselves. One of my psychologist said our bodies really does not like change, so sometimes we have to wait for it to catch up with our brain as to what we are wanting it to do. Remember what I told you our “self” wants to do what it wants to do, not diet, so we have to be persistent on teaching our bodies that we want to go another direction not what we have been doing in the past. It is kind of like retraining ourselves and we do it in our minds, body, and really deep within our soul to make these changes. As we move a little more each day to our goals, our self and our body starts to like what we are doing to it, it will rebel but just try to keep on trucking and in the end it will pay off

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