Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring has Sprung

Good morning everyone, just like to report that spring has sprung at the Gatehouse, its been sunny now for 4 days not rain or coldness.  The leaves are popping out on all my tree and the grapevine.  The birds are just a chirping and squirrels are running wild.  It has been a long cold winter here and I'm so glad to see sun shinny days.  I hope you are experiencing the same.  I going to try to post more and talk about all the great thing that you can do in the Hampton Roads Area.

We have so much history and amusement in our area.  If your planning on a trip to Williamsaburg, let me know and I will direct to some great fun things to do.  You have Williamsburg, Yorktown, and Jamestown real close so you can get to hear about the great history and some about the civil war.  We have Busch Gardens Theme part and other fun attractions.  Newport News you have some great history here.  Then no more than a hour away you have Virginia Beach with the ocean and swimming.  Also, Portsmouth is a great quaint old town that is great for there old houses and such.  So, stay tuned and we will give you some history about this area and great things to see and do. 

Also I will be talking about crafts and the many things that I make.  I want to try some tutorials and some different things.  So stay tuned and come back to see us real soon.

This is over in Smithfield at the Smithfield Station, you have a motel and shops are on the water, it has a boat dock, shopping area, and of course a great big beautiful restaurant so you can eat all of the great seafood that is in this area.  A great place to stay and enjoy the water and history is also in this little town of Smithfield where the Smithfield hams were first started.  So, I will be looking for some more interesting places to tell you all about.  Have a great wonderful blessed day.
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