Monday, June 29, 2009

Going Home to Virginia

Well, I going home today. I hate to leave but time has passed really fast these past two weeks. All of the scenery here in Colorado fascinates my brain and stirs my soul to no end. These mountains where my daughter lives stands in such glorious testimony to our God. If we would just look around our world we could see His glory is everything which He created for our enjoyment. He created all things for us so we could learn from these His creations what an awesome God we have.

If people could just learn to trust Him and realize He is Lord, our world would be such a better place. I just told my daughter yesterday that being here has encouraged me to write more on my blog. Its amazing how things will inspire you to write and put your thinking into words.

My God and my family are the most priceless gifts I have on this side of Heaven. For what we do here on earth will determine were we spend eternity. God is good. I pray that anyone who reads these words will seek Jesus for a new beginning in there life.

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