Monday, January 23, 2012


Good morning to everyone here in blog land, I have been sick with a cold for over a week now.  So I'm finally feeling better and wanted to post and say Hi to all.  Sure hope everyone is staying well better than I did.  I haven't had a cold like this in years.  So my pray is that none of you great people get it. 

I have been trying to get back into making dolls and would you believe the first one I try is a round head doll and guess what mine isn't round at all, looks like a pumpkin head.  I'm so comfused about make this thing, I don't know what to do.  If anyone has any suggestions please send them to me.  I would appreciate it.  I won't to make a round head bunny.  So I will keep trying also will show a picture here if I every get it done. 

It has been cold and rainy here for 3 or 4 days.  Its really deary and depressing.  I want sunshine please.  I need the bright sun to shine down on me.  I'm sure that's the way alot of people feel especially in the northwest.  Well I sure hope everyone has a great day and remember February is just around the corner, so time is a passing even when we're not having fun or working our heart away.  Take care and God Bless.

I saw this on facebook and had to share this with everyone.

I thought this was exactly what we all need to be doing praying for our country and where its heading if we do not change things in Washington D.C.  Then we will have no one to blame but ourselves for where we go from here.  God is the answer for all our problems, we just need to admit our failures and turn to Him.

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carolyn said...

glad you are feeling better, we do need sunshine. Rain is good, we will see the flowers soon. Hope the doll works out soon. Love you